Regional research, thematic research (methods, designing and carrying out questionnaires, analysing results, creating presentation materials).

We have long-term theoretical and practical experience in conducting research. Together with our partners we have been involved in organising questionnaires as well as in focus group investigations to find answers to the questions raised in the fields of business, product development, public administration, education, scientific research and development.


Creating visions for the future, designing strategies, evaluation of results, implementation and management of changes. We help municipal governments and businesses to devise their development and sector plans, to make business and financial plans, applications for subsidies.

Our staff has had excellent training in these fields and is proud of extensive managerial experience. Combining the knowledge and skills with training methods of our staff, we can successfully meet the needs of our clients, offering positive solutions to their problems. We can assist in enhancing the capacity of individuals and the personnel of organisations to achieve better results and become more productive in their work. Geomedia’s strength lies also in its systemic approach to the clients’ problems.


Strategic planning, teamwork, project management, communication psychology and self-development courses conducted by using psychodrama and neurolinguistic methods.

To provide flexible trainings, we have established an independent structural unit – GEOMEDIA TRAINING CENTRE (registered at the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia). Our curricula are based on the implementation of the best know-how and contemporary teaching methods. Our courses are aimed at developing individuals and organisations, at establishing regional and international cooperation networks. In our work we also practise the internationally recognised concept of Jobrotation. Geomedia belongs to the support system of the EU-Jobrotation International Association and has cooperation partners in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and UK.


We act as project supervisors and moderators. Consultants have plenty of experiences compiling applications for several funds like PPF, PHARE, INTERREG etc.

Our clients have been and are local municipalities, business organisations and non-profit institutions. The realm of preferences is regional development, tourism, human resources and infrastructure. On the basis of experiences we can be proud of the above average rate of success of written project by Geomedia and especially for PHARE applications getting all financed. Of course, our partners’ highly valuable competencies have contributed achieving such a good outcomes.