Amalgamation in Järvamaa

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On 7th of September 2015 the second meeting of the amalgamation negotiations between Järvamaa local governments took place in Paide. The meeting was opened by the head of Paide city council, who introduced the results of local discussions taking place between the two meetings. Geomedia consultant, Rivo Noorkõiv, held a presentation on population trends and the results of economic activities in Järvamaa municipalities. Similarly, he gave an overview of the questionnaire responses by local government leaders, which characterize potential amalgamation challenges and their solutions. Topics were discussed, which local government leaders found important to be treated on county level in order to achieve the best solutions for designing Järvamaa’s future. The common opinion of the participants was that topics important for Järvamaa have to be further pursued for which six working groups were created. The review of the specific topics will start in November.

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