Lääne-Nigula municipal development plan 2014-2022

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In cooperation with Lääne-Nigula parish and Geomedia, development plan 2014-2022 for Lääne-Nigula was prepared and confirmed by the municipal council. This is the first time for the parish after the amalgamation. The development plan unites the data of the former Risti, Taebla and Oru municipalities and future perspectives. The objective is to create better conditions for the inhabitants’ well-being and guarantee targeted and equal development in the parish by coordinating its activities. For drawing up the development plan, comprehensive material was analyzed, a forecast on the number of inhabitants prepared and several meetings with interest groups organized. These insights resulted in a concrete activity and investment plan for four years. Thus for the governance of the municipality, an activity guide of the objectives and based on broad consensus has been set up. Its implementation’s success depends on the contribution of all actors.

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