The municipalities of Pärnu County discuss collaboration models

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On the 31^st of May 2017 the spring seminar by the Union of Pärnu County  municipalities took place. The central topic of discussion was the  future collaboration of local municipalities in Pärnu County due to the  loss of the county government and the new responsibilities of the local  government units. The possible changes were introduced by Väino Tõemets  from the Ministry of Finances. Geomedia employees were present with an  introductory presentation and organized three workshops. In the course  of these workshops, collaboration activities in different fields were  identified, collaboration models chosen and the strengths and weaknesses  of different scenarios discussed. Similarly, the participants conducted  individual works with the objective to provide the best solutions for  conducting regional cooperation that takes into account the specifics of  Pärnu County, helps along to develop a county identity and a more  effective governance, which includes the coordinated implementation of  development activities and the growth of competitiveness in the business  environment. The Ministry of Finance plans to invest 1.5 Million Euros  for regional development activities.

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