Tõrva rural municipality – a new local government unit

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On the 21st of June 2016, the municipality councils of Helme, Hummuli and Põdrala rural as well as Tõrva urban municipalities have signed an amalgamation treaty. As a result of the amalgamation, the new local government unit Tõrva – covering 600 m2 and 6500 inhabitants – will come into being after the next local government elections in 2017. The new municipality center will be in Tõrva urban municipality. According to OÜ Geomedia consultant and Tõrva region’s amalgamation advisor Rivo Noorkõiv, Tõrva town as well as Helme, Põdrala and Hummuli rural municipalities are the first local government units in Estonia concluding an amalgamation treaty after the adoption of the amalgamation reform law. “We are dealing with a decision of outstanding importance for all Estonia and today’s decision is a good example of future oriented cooperation”. For more information, see:

http://valgamaalane.postimees.ee/3740611/torva-piirkonna-neli-omavalitsustsolmisiduhinemislepingu?_ga=1.162906100.979949297.1454860632 http://uudised.err.ee/v/eesti/e931bf0b-67c7-4bdf-b825-dc78cc4089dd/helme-hummuli-ja-podrala-vallad-uhinevad-torva-linnaga http://torva.kovtp.ee/et/uudised-ja-teated/-/asset_publisher/b2JrpqCnmSQg/content/id/12488415?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Ftorva.kovtp.ee

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