Urban and rural municipality days 2016

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The annual training event of local governments – the urban and rural municipality days – have become a tradition that already takes place for the 9th time. At this year’s meeting on March, 16-17, the main topic of the fair is „local governments in a changing world“. During the meeting, 2-day seminars, topic introductions and several discussions on different topics will take place, which provide the participants with the opprtunity to be active and think along. Among the participants of the last years’ events were the President of the Estonian Republic as well as many minsters and government representatives. At the contact fair also entrepreneurs take part, meeting local government leaders and specialists as well as public sector officials and politicians. At the same time, they have the opportunity to introduce their products and services. In the course of the event Geomedia consultant Rivo Noorkõiv will be present, giving an overview of the distribution of village elders and its changes on the Estonian map in comparison of 2004, 2012 and 2016. Similarly, topics related to village elders in local development context will be discussed.

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