Village Elders

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Geomedia analyses the potential for using the model of village elders in Estonian communities. The objective of the analysis is above all to get a statistical picture of the village elder dynamics throughout Estonia as well as their spatial contribution among villages and counties. These will be compared for the years 2004, 2012 and 2016. Similarly, the role of village elders for local community development and opportunities for using a community model based on village elders for country life enhancement will be explored. This topic is also important for implementing the local government reform in order to gain knowledge of the readiness and possibilities to participate more in decisions on questions of local life and the fulfillment of public functions through the existence of village elders. The statistical data on village elders are derived from the database of the Estonian Village Movement Kodukant and will be based on their definition of village elders. In cooperation with Kodukant, also the distribution of village community houses and development initiatives will be characterized.

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