2^nd Municipality Day

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On 26^th of September 2017 the 2^nd Estonian Municipality Day took  place, which was dedicated to the 100^th Anniversary of the Republic of  Estonia and the restoration and development of local government units and unions in the years 1989-2017. In the course of this event, an  edited volume was published that focused on “The Estonian Local  Government Unit and Local Government Unions – restoration and  development from 1989-2017”. The comprehensive publication includes  overviews and retrospectives on the restoration of local government  units as well as articles on the functions and developments of local  governments. The edited volume also includes articles published by  Geomedia employees. The first one focuses on the ongoing amalgamation  reform (Kattai, K., Sootla, G., Noorkõiv, R., Lõhmus, M. 2017: Political  amalgamation decisions of local governments in the years 2016-2017). The  second portrays an overview of local governments’ capacity rankings  (Noorkõiv, R., Ristmäe, K. 2017: Local Government Capacity Index 2013).  The publisher of the edited volume is the Union of Estonian Rural  Municipalities in collaboration with the NGO ‘POLIS’.

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