Amalgamation reform- first phase end

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The first phase of the amalgamation reform has now been finalized. In the course of the amalgamation negotiations, decision were taken about the formation of new local government units. The achieved agreements determine the number of inhabitants, the territorial configuration and the area of the future urban and rural municipalities. However, now it is time for the local government units to add the actual content to the agreements. The objective of the amalgamation reform is to form strong local government units that serve its inhabitants well and possess bigger decision-making abilities and responsibilities to manage and organize public life. It is very important that also the necessary restructurings concerning task division, financing and regional administration between the central and local government(s) are undertaken, so as to create a new form of trustworthy partnership between them. For a look at the interview with Rivo Noorkõiv conducted by the Pärnu Postimees journalist Siiri Erala, see:

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