Considering the selection of state gymnasiums

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On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research, Geomedia conducted an analysis with the objective of proposing potential locations for state gymnasiums on the municipality level in Harjumaa county (incl. Tallinn city districts). This objective was approached by two scenarios: the first scenario takes into account the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality of education as well as economic efficacy so that the planned gymnasiums would have at least 540 pupils (5 parallel classes with 36 pupils each), the second scenario additionally takes into account regional policy arguments, incl. regional development and the avoidance of excessive need for (public) transport. The planned state gymnasiums would have at least 252 pupils (3 parallel classes). Out of Tallinn, the following locations were proposed for consideration in Harjumaa: Saue municipality (Laagri), Harku municipality (Tabasalu), Rae municipality (Jüri). In Tallinn, one or several state gymnasiums could principally be based in all city districts. But in cooperation with educational leaders, priority was given to state gymnasiums based in Mustamäe (Tallinn University of Technology campus or Vilde str. 69) and Kristiine (Hippodrome region). Based on regional policy arguments, in the second scenario potential locations for state gymnasiums could be Keila city and Saku rural municipality, also under the condition of fulfilling critical prerequisites in Kuusalu rural municipality.

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