County council meeting

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Under the lead of Pärnu municipality government’s union, a county council was initiated in Kilingi-Nõmme (Saarde parish) on the 26th of September 2014. The meeting was also an anniversary, as the county council has been held already for the fifth time. This time, the objective was the renewal of Pärnumaa 2030+ development strategy’s activity plan and the discussion of related changes and proposals. The presentations refered to Pärnu municipality’s development monitoring and four directions for breakthrough: public service provision and citizen’s associations, knowledge-based production and the creation of smart employment opportunities, tourism- and holiday village economy as well as technical infrastructure. Alltogether there were 11 presentations. The following discussions refered to education and entrepreneurship and their relation to Pärnu municipality’s development. At the meeting, the public transport treaty was signed. The meeting was moderated by Geomedia consultant Rivo Noorkõiv. The presentation of the development strategy Pärnumaa 2030+ in combination with the actitivity plan is prepared for the mid of November in the Estonian Ministry of Interior.

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