Development of Mobility Environment in Tallinn

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Rivo Noorkõiv and Dago Antov published an article on the “Development of Mobility Environment in Tallinn: a Challenge for Public Transport” in the Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics Estonia 3/16. The growing relative importance of urbanites in the global population is accompanied by an increasing attention towards the development taking place on the field of the urban mobility environment, including the crucial role of public transport. In the article it is analyzed how global mobility principles are represented in Tallinn’s development and which future directions for public transport development are envisioned in Estonia’s capital in order to ensure the inhabitants with public transport service quality, usage convenience and security. To develop Tallinn’s urban space into a more sustainable, safe and human-centered environment, which includes the limitation of car mobility, several measures are applied in the capital with the objective to enlarge the competiveness of public transport. For more information, see:

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