Information Day at Statistics Estonia

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On 11^th of May 2017 the Information Day of Statistics Estonia focusing  on “Correct data collection starts at the local government units” took  place in Nordic Hotel Forum Tallinn. The presentations of the first  session focused on register-based population and dwelling censuses. Here  a central topic is the quality of address data, hence to arrange the  data on actual and registered places of living. The second session was  focused on the topic how to evaluate the results of the amalgamation  reform. Geomedia consultant Rivo Noorkõiv presented on the topic “How to  measure the results of the amalgamation reform at the national level?”.  This was followed by a discussion steered by the Chief Analyst of  Statistics Estonia, Mihkel Servinski. The third set of topics focused on  residential mobility and the resulting need for a new approach to  population statistics.

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