Keila urban and rural municipality analysis

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The Estonian Strategy for Life-long Learning 2014-2020 sets the objective to support strong basic education in close proximity to home as well as the availability of a high-quality secondary education offering plenty of choices. Following the population development, the school network is not in accordance with the actual needs. This evaluation shows the need to redesign the school network. In the respective work, the availability of general and special interest education in Keila urban and rural municipality are analyzed. Therefore, a situational analysis of the population and a forecast of the number of children were conducted. For different school segments, the child occupancy, the student mobility, teachers, subject areas, economic performance, need for investments etc. were defined. Additionally, the public transport, the school network approaches of neighboring municipalities and possible further changes in the regional learning environment were addressed. On the basis on the analysis and the discussions with the education teem members, development scenarios for the school network were introduced and action plans for education management were compiled.

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