Think tanks on Tartu’s future

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Within the framework of the renewal of Tartu’s 2030 Strategy, Geomedia in cooperation with Tartu city government initiates think tanks, which focus on the discussion of Tartu’s future. Until today the exchange of ideas has centred on the role and position of Tartu as a second city next to the capital city. Likewise, higher education, the cultural field and support structures for enterpreneurship were topics of discussion. The main question was, how the potential of the university town could strongly grow and what kind of politics is needed to preserve the city’s competitive strength despite the growing competition with other cities, a changing market and economic hardship. At the same time it is important to align Tartu’s competitive strength, environmental sustainability and social coherence and at the same time attract enough foreign investments and employees without loosing its own identity. In Hotel London, different interest groups came together for a broad discussion on Tartu’s identity and participation in national and international cooperation. Moreover, it is planned to discuss the participation of volunteers in the city development. At the meeting, the inhabitants of Tartu will be acquainted with the summary of proposals/ideas, which arose during the survey conducted through the internet.

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