Leaders of Viljandi town and parish discussed the administrative future

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On the 18th of September 2014, the leaders of Viljandi town and parish – council, commission and fractions chairs – met to discuss possibilities for future collaboration. In spring, the Estonian Ministry of Interior offered expert consultations concerning the topic of local government amalgamation and Viljandi town as well as Viljandi parish decided to make use of this offer. This first discussion on this topic was lead by Geomedia consultant. This was not a political event, but focused on drawing up the wish of two local governments to cooperate, that was discussed in depth. The constructive dialogue is a sign that the wish for collaboration has reached a new quality. Only time can show, if the discussion results will lead to an amalgamation process. But all agreed that in order to strengthen the administrative capabilities, which create a better living environment for the inhabitants of Viljandi parish and Viljandi town, changes in the organization of local government’s cooperation are necessary also on the county level.

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