Let’s not make Mulgimaa smaller

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In the newspaper „One Mulgimaa“ („Üitsainus Mulgimaa“) an article was published by Rivo Noorkõiv, in which he discusses the name Mulgi municipality that was requested during the amalgamation of Abja, Halliste, Karksi municipality and Mõisaküla city. In the author’s opinion, it is not appropriate to use the cultural understanding of Mulgimaa for the administrative unit, as the desired Mulgi municipality only covers part of the historical Mulgimaa region. Therefore it can be said that by naming itself Mulgi municipality, the new local government unit notionally takes a bigger territory than it actually consists of. With this decision the public is misled, because the future border gives a wrong impression of Mulgimaa’s territory. Couldn’t a compromise be to name the new municipality West-Mulgimaa? In that case it would be understandable that Mulgimaa includes more than just those four united municipalities. Next to the local history and the creation of a regional belonging, the bigger picture should not be forgotten. Here the cooperation between all Mulgi inhabitants can be of great help, which is similarly a part of everyday life and regional identity. Let Mulgimaa stay Mugimaa!

You can find the article here: http://www.mulgimaa.ee/userfiles/MKI%20II/TALI%202016!.pdf

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