Local Government Amalgamation Seminar in Pärnu

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On the 14th of January 2016 vision seminar concerning on the amalgamation negotiations for the constitution of Lääne-Harju municipality took place in Pärnu. At the seminar, important topics for the amalgamation of Kernu, Nissi as well as Saue urban and rural municipality were discussed: the positioning of the new municipality in Tallinn urban area, the better provision of public services, the reorganization of management structures, the development of a civil society as well as the increase of participatory democracy. Topics of central importance were the lessons from past amalgamation practices as well as the agreements and implementation of the amalgamation contract. Rivo Noorkõiv from Geomedia presented lessons from consultant work. All seminar participants had the opportunity to take part in the discussion and evaluate the plusses and minuses of an amalgamation. In group work, visions for and the character of the future municipality were elaborated and defined. The seminar also provided networking opportunities and helped to develop a sense of community.

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