Local governments’ future

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The focus is on the proposed local government reform. During the past weeks, the debate on the reform bill has revealed several different approaches. One of the issues raising questions is rural municipality districts. Here, the provision of services and solutions to local democracy are central. Which functions could rural municipality districts fulfil? How to organize the execution of local government tasks in the regions? In what way can local residents be involved? On these topics, the discussion gives more insights. In Estonian, more information can be found in an the opinion article co-authored by Geomedia's Rivo Noorkõiv at newspaper / news portal Postimees http://arvamus.postimees.ee/3587661/rivo-noorkoiv-ja-mikk-lohmus-osavald-pole-voluvits and via the radio program 'Reporteritund', the recording of which can be reached at http://vikerraadio.err.ee/v/reporteritund/saated/4d49980e-0c8a-423e-a12d-5410676814bd/reporteritund-haldusreform

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