Põltsamaa urban and rural municipality compile an amalgamation contract

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The amalgamation negotiation group met on the 24th of September in Põltsamaa municipality center. At the meeting, the compilation of the amalgamation contract and the precise arrangements of the negotiations were discussed. The general provisions of the contract were debated, amalgamation objectives formulated and the participants arrived at common positions concerning the future borders, legal status and address of the new local government unit, the main principles of its symbolic design as well as the validity of the municipalities’ legislation. For the formulation of amalgamation objectives, a rise in quality of life and regional competitiveness was perceived as most important, but also the quality and availability of public service provision, the higher capacity to participate in finding solutions for regional development and improving the entrepreneurial environment. It was agreed that the future municipality council would consist of 19 members and that its elections would be based on one electoral district. The number and location of polling stations were not included into the amalgamation contract, but these issues will be dealt with in the explanatory memorandum of the agreement. In October the meetings of amalgamation negotiation working groups and commissions will take place and the results will be commonly discussed in November 2015. By that time, the Ministry of Finance is expected to have submitted the draft law on the administrative reform for the coordination between ministries.

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