Preparation of a new governance model for Pärnu County

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Geomedia won the tender called “Needs assessment and action plan preparation for the reorganization of Pärnu county local government units’ joint organizations after the administrative reform”. At the center of this tender is the reorganization of joint organizations at the county level in order to ensure a holistic, balanced and sustainable development for Pärnu County after the administrative and state reform. The solutions for a rescaling of Pärnu County government functions to the local municipalities and a possible new model for joint organization between them will be analyzed in order to ensure the effective fulfillment of agreed functions, which is based on an appropriate public service provision by the organizations as modeled in different scenarios. The objective is to develop a new governance model in the course of the administrative and state reform that takes into account the labor division and cooperation opportunities between different scales – local government, county, region and state.

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