Seminar on regional development in Hungary

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In the framework of the RegPol^2 project a seminar took place in  Bekescsaba, Hungary from 29^th of May until 3^rd of June 2017. It  focused on regional development, peripheralization and the influential  factors for utilizing regional development potentials in different  countries in order to achieve proper development policies and residential wellbeing. The seminar included presentations and analyses  of articles prepared based on the results of PhD research focusing on  regional innovation, migration, community development, regional policies  and peripheries. Moreover, workshops took place discussing the potential  and limitations of development policies in the European Union, different  countries and local municipalities. Together, solutions were sought how  to employ the new approaches in order to ensure regional coping against  the backdrop of global changes. Beyond that, different state practices  in dealing with peripheralization were debated. In the course of the  seminar it was possible to get an insight into the state of Hungarian  rural areas and understand if the local approaches are possible to  (re-)use in order to achieve a more balanced regional development in  other countries. It is a pleasure to confirm that from the PhD  dissertations prepared within the RegPol^2 framework five used  comparative material from Estonia. The RegPol^2 project is financed by  the Marie Curies program and Geomedia is one of seven project partners.

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