Thematic paper on state governance reform

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Geomedia took contributed to the preparation of the thematic paper on state governance reform initiated by the Estonian think tank PRAXIS, titled “Trustworthy, capable and affordable state. Elections 2015”. The paper provides a short overview of the problems that influence the governance of Estonia today and in the near future and which call for principal change. Then, the main goals are set, which could be achieved by the state governance reform and which could form the base for tying together today’s reform debate. These goals are trustworthiness, capability and affordability. The content and the components of each goal are then further specified and an overview is given on how the parties have addressed these issues in their election platforms.  Such perspective should help to understand the views that are shared by the parties on state governance reform, and enable deepening the discussion on the content of the reform. The paper is not a reform plan, but a material for assisting the discussion that could further the state governance reform debate, and help identifying its goals and components more holistically.

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