Visions of the new municipality in Valgamaa

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On 21st of October 2016 a vision conference took place in the conference hall of Valga’s Centre for Culture and Extracurricular Activities. The conference’s objective was to display a sense of community during the municipality amalgamation, to ease the amalgamation related fears and discuss the future perspectives for Karula, Taheva, Tõlliste and Õru rural municipalities as well as Valga town. At the conference, Geomedia consultant Rivo Noorkõiv presented on “The future perspective of Valga rural municipalities”, focusing on the amalgamation reform framework and the new possibilities for the forming municipality. Among them are a higher quality living environment, economic and employment growth, democratic decision-making processes, the inclusion of the community and possibilities for place-marketing as “Valga – Estonia’s Southern Gate”. For more information, see:

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