Fields of activities:
- Consulting and training in the fields of strategic planning, organisational development and change management;
- Regional development and regional planning;
- Compiling development documents for public and private organisations;
- Research methodologies and methods;
- Project writing and project management.

Rivo Noorkõiv was born in Valga in 1955. He graduated from University of Tartu in 1979 and is a qualified specialist in human geography. After finishing studies, Rivo started his work as a researcher in Mainor and the Tallinn Pedagogical University. The career continued as the CEO in R&D Company Regio in 1988-1992, the Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia in 1992-1996 and the director of EKE ARIKO Tartu Office in 1996-1998. In 1996 he started to work as a consultant. From the year 1998 Rivo Noorkõiv has been the consultant and chairman of the board of Geomedia. At the moment he is also a guest lecturer at the Tallinn Pedagogical University. Has taken additional training courses in the USA, Finland and Sweden. Since 2002 magister scientiarum in the field of human geography.

His hobbies include art, old maps and hiking.